Olivia Descampe

In a time when digital technology makes it so much easier to fuse disparate forms together and make them one, there is a natural, tactile quality to physical collage that cannot be replicated on a screen.

Olivia Descampe, Berlin based collage artist, took up this time-honoured practice as a means of therapeutic respite, but her innate instinct for collating visual forms has pushed her to focus ever more energy on her pieces. She is also mindful to take a simple approach, mostly using just two images in any one piece to examine what graphic story arises, rather than resorting to cut ‘n’ paste excess.

More time is in fact spent sourcing imagery, creating an ever-broadening palette from which she can create her pieces. With her library of images at her disposal, Olivia creates these visual collisions impulsively in pursuit of some strange, beautiful new combination that would otherwise never have been.